Sunday, January 15, 2012


I just love pomegranates. The dark red color, the sweet and tart taste even the way the seeds pop in your is all sooo sensual. I remember the first time I had one. I was about 10 years old and playing at a friends house. I was raised with fruit trees so picking a warm juicy fruit right from the tree was an experience I knew. When I saw my friends fruit tree I was completely confused. It certainly didn't look like any fruit I had known. We shared one, sitting on her grandparents back porch. We pulled each little seed out eating them one by one. I think we must have spent the rest of the afternoon like that. picking one tiny seed at a time. Staining our mouths our clothes and our hands to the great disapproval of my mother.

I have lost some patience for the fruit over the years or maybe I have lost that freedom from time that children have. Picking the seeds one at a time from it's shell would use all of my will power as I attempted a meditative state of Divine acceptance.

So since meditation is not one of my strengths I've opted for a faster, easier approach.

1. Fill a bowl with warm water.
2. Make a small slice through the skin of the fruit
3. Submerge the fruit in the bowl of water and gentle peel it apart. Using your thumb to push the skin and membrane away from the seeds.
4. The membrane will float and the seeds sink to the bottom of the bowl.
5 Drain and serve.

There are so many wonderful uses for pomegranate seeds which are actually called arils.

My favorite is sprinkled onto vanilla icecream.

Put them on your salad, infuse vinegar, infuse vodka and I'm trying my hand at infused white wine vinegar. I'll post my recipes over the next few days.

The pomegranates that I am using where gleaned from our neighbors trees but we will be planting some ourselves this year so that we can include them for our members.


  1. Are you growing pomegranates? I love them! They do require a little patience but if they make it past the first step of getting them out of the "shell" they are especially good in salads!

  2. We will be planting two trees this year but wont have a good crop for a few years. Our neighbors all have trees and dont mind that I send my kids to pick them for us. Try opening them under water it really does make the process easier.

  3. I planted two trees last Fall but they are only about a foot high just now. My parents in the lot next to me get a good crop all year round. I love to see the jewel like seeds sprinkled on chicken & arugula salad and they look magical in the bottom of a glass of champagne.
    Good luck with your pomegranates and the new farm project. Will drop in from time to time to see how things are going if that's OK : )