Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Resolution

I still haven't gotten good about blogging away my life but I am making it a new years resolution.

Our Christmas party was fantastic and I am very happy with how well it went off.
I butchered the Mallard Drake that I had bought for $5 two days before the dinner and had it curing is a dry salt rub. I was very happy with the flavor of the meat but unhappy with the skin. It was way to salty for my tastes PLUS it did not crisp up like I hoped it would. The meat was very dark and one of the guest said that it tasted like steak. I was thrilled with that opinion.

All of our meat was humanly raised this year. We had Ham that we purchased from the 4h auction. We even had the chance to meet the pig before it was sent to the butcher. The lamp that was served was raised with my daughters lambs so we cared for it and watched it grow. The rabbit was from my back yard as was the duck.

A perfect feast for my hopes to be organic and self sustaining this next year.