Saturday, April 25, 2009

Rabbit show

This is a Junior American Blue from my rabbitry. They are a solid grey color and should have no stray white hairs or white toe nails.

Today we are in the beautiful coastal city on monterey. The weather is cool and breezy but that was perfect temperature for my rabbits. My daughter Sarah and I are staying at a hotel very near where the show is.
Unfortunately we did not do as well as I had hoped in the show today. Sarah's Californian broke a nail. A broken nail on a rabbit is very bloody and very painful.
All 3 of my senior blues were Disqualified for being underweight. I must find a way to pack on the pounds. The are currently eating 18% King with black oil sunflower seeds and calf manna mixed in. This has not added to their weight yet.
So we are finally at our hotel and I read the no pets policy which I really think is a terrible policy for a hotel to have. I understand that there are animals owners who are irresponsible but I think that is someone is willing to vacation with their pet they are probably caring owners and will not let the animals tear the place up. I have to admit that we have been sneaking the animals in one by one. O.k. so I am sure you are thinking OMG what about all of the people who have to sleep in that room after your rabbits have been there. I think that if you are worried about what animals have been in your hotel room you should NEVER bring a black light into your hotel room and look at the floor or the walls
I have 4 rabbits and a kitten in the room so far. I might need to wait till dark to get the rest. I did have to bring my kitten with me because she just can't stay home alone yet. She is too small and will get into all kinds of trouble. We have the most difficult time trying to find her when she has gone off exploring because she can get into any little space.
Oh my husband by the way was off on an early morning fishing trip with my son and father. He caught 2 trout and will be bringing it home for dinner. Yum I will post the reciepe that I use to cook in the next few days.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Day one

This is my first and very first experiance with blogging. I hope to share with others how I am learning to create a urban homestead in the middle of the bay area. We are luckly enough to be in an unincorporated city so we have less laws than others do but I feel that creating a urban homestead is possible for anyone.
Let me tell you a little about myself and my family. I am married to a wonderful man that puts up with all of my strangness. I have 2 fantastic children. My son Justin is the oldest he is 17 and leaving for Basic Training on May 19th. Go ARMY.
My daughter is 12yo. She has some difficulties that no little girl should have to deal with but I guess I will tell more about that later.
We also have Deuce a siberian huskey
6 cats and 1 kitten that we are fostering for Friends of Fairmont Animal shelter
1 quinea pig
2 red ear slider turtles
2 pygmy goats
2 chickens
25 rabbits
I raise rabbits for show and food. Yes I eat my rabbits and do all of the butchering, cleaning and cooking. I will also eat my chickens, goats and I have thought about the turtles. When I say that i am creating an urban homestead that is exactly what I mean. My goal is to raise all the food needed for my family here on my property. We will get milk from our goats after we rebreed, eggs and meat from chickens, meat and fur from rabbits and of course my garden which has been started finally.
No I will not eat my cats or my dog. I think everything else is fair game.
There are many other interesting things happening in my life. Sarah adoption will be finalized in August and we hope to add a sibling group of younger children to our home by the end of the year.
Tomorrow we leave for Monterey for a rabbit show. I am showing American blue and whites and my daughter is showing Californians. Wish us luck