Monday, September 26, 2011

Farmer Shayne

What is a Farm? According to a Farm is a track of land usually with a house, barn or silo on which crops and often livestock is raised for livelihood. I have called myself an urban farmer for years. On my little city plot I raised goats, chickens, ducks, rabbits even quail not so much for my livelihood but more for lively living. I was proud of my urban farmer title and was honestly sad from the loss of that identity.
So now the new dilemma is when can I call myself a farmer? What act defines me as a farm, as opposed to a crazy city girl with lots of animals. We have the track of land, with a house. No barn yet but there are plans for that, a few fruit trees and livestock but does all that make me a farmer.
I felt there was something missing from the definition, something that states YES I am a farmer. That something was a cow. Not just any cow, but a dairy cow, ready to be milked morning and night, rain or shine.
Today I became a farmer.